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Marigold Restaurant has fast become a great addition to the vibrant West Bridgford culinary scene.
The food and service at Marigold is always impeccable. The actual real background story to the restaurant’s opening is why its food is so delicious and service so genuinely friendly.
The owner of Marigold Restaurant in West Bridgford is the great grandson of a legendary chef -
"Chef Khan of Kashmir India"

The influences and motives behind opening of Marigold Restaurant was a long time in waiting, with a truly inspirational, historic and culinary journey.
Abdul Karim Khan - better known as Chef Khan - A polite and mild mannered man born in India Kashmir region during the British rule. Chef Khan’s family heritage was cooking, dating way back to the Mogul Empire. He learnt all his cooking skills from his father and his father before.

The British came across chef khan's cooking talents and immediately assigned him to cater for the aristocrats. He would cook spectacular banquets and wonderful curries for socialites and the political class. When Mahatma Gandhi started the peaceful revolution in India requesting Indian self-rule, Chef Khan joined this cause and refused to cook any more. As a result, his talents were lost for several years during this uprising. He was even imprisoned by the British for peacefully protesting.
In 1947 following the partitioning of India, over 100 years of British rule ended. Chef Khan was now free and content and moved back to his ancestral village home in Kashmir where he opened a small restaurant just few kilo meters from the scenic shores of the famous dal lake. His food was an absolute treat and treasured by all who were fortunate enough to sample it. Eventually Chef Khan retired and just like his father passed on his cooking secrets, recipes and methods down to his sons.

Marigold Restaurant’s food menu pays homage to this brave and principled chef who stood up for liberty via peaceful means and sacrificed his passion to cook. Chef Khan’s passion for cooking was extraordinary and Marigold Restaurant celebrates this great chefs cooking legacy and untold story. Chef Khan will never be forgotten for his amazing food and bravery.

Marigold Restaurant’s fast growing reputation for excellent delicious Indian food was recently enhanced even further when the South African Cricket Team made special requests for them to provide Indian meals during a recent test match at Trent Bridge. Marigold Restaurant has been visited by many - both famous and the not so famous including celebrities, sports commentators, pundits, technicians and visitors from all around the world.
At Marigold Restaurant you will find delicious authentic Indian food with good ‘old school’ friendly service with all the waiting staff and management friendly and caring.
Marigold Restaurant believes the secret to delicious food is very hard work and true belief. Opening a restaurant means a lot of prep time which without you cannot get good, fresh tasty Indian food.

When Marigold first opened its doors, its prices were fairly high but after a few months it was quickly realised that only the very affluent persons in and around West Bridgford were able to afford to visit and Marigold’s founding father Chef Khan would have wanted his delicious food to be available at reasonable affordable prices so as much people as possible could enjoy the true delights and tastes of Indian food. Even though Marigold Restaurant was profitable it a made a conscious decision to reduce the prices by a massive 25%. The effect has been amazing, both the existing customers remained loyal and many new customers arrived.
Add all this to some amazing new takeaway promotions on offer it’s safe to say Marigold has been a huge success story.

  • ◉ “The Wonderful Taste Of Food Comes From Passion To Cook , Not From The Ingredients”

  • ◉ “I Want My Food To Be Judged By Those Who Cook Themselves & Not By The Privileged”

  • ◉ “The Food Cooked In Indian Homes & Families Eating Together Is My Inspiration”

  • ◉ “My Best Dish Is Always The Last One”

  • ◉ “When I Stop Tasting My Own Food It's Time To Do Something Else”

  • ◉ “If Money Was Not Invented I Would Not Ask Anyone To Pay For My Food”

  • ◉ “It's My Aim To Achieve Perfection That Ensures I Always Reach Excellence”

  • ◉ “Food Is An Essential So You May As Well Enjoy It”